Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance expands in Asia and Europe

Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance expands in Asia and Europe

Maverick (Jakarta) and Rossen & Company (Copenhagen) are the new CLC partners covering Indonesia and Denmark

The Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance (CLCA), an international network of leading Litigation and Crisis PR agencies, continues its course of growth not only in the Asian continent but also in Europe. It is delighted to announce two new members – Maverick from Jakarta, Indonesia, and Rossen & Company from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Maverick’s Managing Partner Ong Hock Chuan sees the membership at the CLCA as the perfect instrument for Maverick’s clients to benefit from the experience of the network. He said: “Maverick is already well-known for its crisis and litigation work in Indonesia. Joining CLCA will expand our network and deepen our knowledge in these specialist areas so we can serve clients better. As our clients are mainly multinationals, the CLCA will will be an excellent platform where we can tap into international PR expertise when needed”.

Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen, Managing Partner at Rossen & Company believes this partnership opens up new possibilities and comments: “We strive to meet the highest international quality standards in PR as a company active in Denmark and the whole Scandinavian region, and with litigation support being a growing market, clients will appreciate the background of an alliance specialized in this particular field”.

“Indonesia and Scandinavia are regions with vibrant and appealing economies where we are thrilled to have two highly experienced companies who are champions in their markets as new members. We are delighted to welcome Maverick and Rossen & Company and we look forward to start working together”, noted Martin Jenewein from Schneider | Minar | Jenewein Consulting and Chairman of the CLCA.