• CLCA – Member BAIKAL Communications Group awarded “2021 IABC Golden Quill Award” in “Communication Training and Education” category

    It is our greatest pleasure to share the success of our Members, and as such, we at the CLCA are delighted to congratulate BAIKAL Communications Group for winning the prestigious “ 2021 IABC Gold Quill Award” in the category “Communication Training and Education”.

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  • Litigation PR in Russia: cases, figures, trends

     Market-Research Briefing paper by CLCA - Member - BAIKAL Communications Group 

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  • CLCA welcomes new member firm in Russia

    We are delighted to announce Baikal Communications Group has joined the CLCA network as its representative firm in Russia.

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  • Bell Yard Featured in Lawdragon’s Top 100 Leaders in Legal Consulting

    Bell Yard Communications’ founder and director, Melanie Riley and senior consultant, Louise Beeson, both feature in Lawdragon’s Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy & Consulting 202

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  • #BLM: How to Communicate Diversity in Business

    Bell Yard Communications' founder and director, Melanie Riley, was quoted in the UK’s financial newspaper, Financial News, alongside other PR gurus, on the importance of championing racial diversity in companies that have come out in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

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  • Tackling the Covid-19 Challenge – Crisis Communications in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands

    The COVID-19 crisis is a challenge for all of us, and in these times of universal struggle accurate information and the use of adequate communications channels is of paramount importance. Best practice sharing and the exchange of knowledge and skills will be key to address the crisis communication challenges ahead in the world of business & politics.

    Therefore, this brief initiative of the Crisis & Litigation Communicators Alliance attempts to lay out a short assessment of government communications and measures around the COVID-19 crisis with particular focus on Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. The report can be found here

  • Guideposts for aligning your legal strategy and crisis response

    When you’re managing a crisis, it’s important to include a communications strategy with your legal plan. PR pros and legal experts often find themselves at loggerheads over what to disclose, what to address publicly and what to keep close to the vest. For PR pros looking to convince lawyers and leadership teams, it’s helpful to rely on certain guidelines.

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  • Why Asian CEOs must pay more heed to crisis communication

    Asian corporate leaders are generally more self-effacing than their Western counterparts when handling corporate and legal disputes, preferring to keep conflicts away from the public eye. The passive approach towards tackling crisis communications sometimes borders on avoidance and occasional states of denial.

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