Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance expands into Spain and Portugal

Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance expands into Spain and Portugal

ATREVIA joining the CLCA

The Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance (CLCA) continues its growth and announces a new member, ATREVIA, who will extend the alliance’s presence into Spain and Portugal.

“Our company is backed by an intense three-decade trajectory accompanying organizations from all sectors to defend their interests from a comprehensive multistakeholder perspective. To address crises and litigation, we have senior and experienced teams that anticipate, prevent, detect and act to protect our clients’ reputations using powerful technological tools and cutting-edge digital applications. This allows us to listen and act quickly in an increasingly complex world where knowledge of the dynamics of influence is more important than ever”, says Núria Vilanova, Founder and President of ATREVIA.

“Additionally, in a context of globalization, we strongly believe that working on the prevention and management of crises and litigation processes very often requires an international approach. That is why we are honored to work with the support of renowned CLCA members around the globe”, adds Núria Vilanova.

“The CLCA is a steadily growing network of companies that have built up a great deal of expertise in the dynamic fields of Crisis and Litigation PR. This is why our members value the exchange of experience and cooperation in this peer group very much. With ATREVIA we have found an excellent partner for Portugal and Spain and have, in fact, also set a milestone for a future expansion of the alliance in Central and South America. We are thrilled to have ATREVIA join the network”, says Martin Jenewein, CLCA Chairman.

About CLCA

The Crisis and Litigation Communicators ́Alliance (CLCA) is a global network of owner-managed PR consulting firms who are leaders in the areas of Crisis Management and Strategic Legal communications in their respective markets. Clients can benefit from the collaboration of members on cross-border matters and the CLCA’s specialist expertise in international disputes (especially Competition Law and Cartel cases, Cross-Border Litigation, Class Actions, Regulatory Enforcement cases, Fraud and Employment related disputes).